7 Quick Jackpot Winning Tips In Newtown Online Slot

Newtown Online Slot 7 Easy Jackpot Tips {2022 Expert Guide}

With the growth of the local online gambling market, there are more and more different Malaysia online casino options for the gaming enthusiast to select.

While the competitiveness in the Malaysia gambling market is increasing, online slot platforms have never stopped improving and enhancing their gaming experience and customer service to attract and retain loyal members.

Some of the established and trustable Malaysia online casino are Mega888 Online, Pussy888 2022, XE88 Malaysia, ECLBET, BK8 and not to forget, Newtown online casino and slot.


Introduction of Newtown Online Casino and slot

Today, let’s talk about Newtown casino. It is another impressive gambling platform that is popular among local players. Newtown online slot is even marked as one of the most outstanding slot games Malaysia.

These games in Newtown casino are supported by a strong gaming software developer, Playtech. With the creativity and capability of the gaming developer, Newtown online slot are injected with a lot of localized attributes that makes Malaysian easily fall into it.


First winning tips, start the journey!

Starting the first step is always the first winning criteria no matter what games you are playing.

Players can select whether to have the Newtown online slot through web browsers by using their laptop or to download the Newtown apk and install it on their gadgets.

Two important things to take note of when you are downloading the Newtown apk.

Please make sure you download it from a trustable agent to get the genuine installation file.

Next, please ensure you downloaded the correct installation file for either Android or iOS phone.


Newtown online slot jackpot tips
Newtown online slot jackpot tips

Jackpot Winning Tips In Newtown Online Slot

Jackpot winning is definitely a life-changing moment that everyone is expecting for their whole life.

However, in this luck-based slot game, the chances to hit the jackpot are not easy.

There is a slight difference between playing physical slot games and online slot games.

In a physical casino, you can spot any of the progressive jackpot slot machines and just start to play.

However, in the Newtown slot, you are unable to know how many players are playing at the same time that aiming for the same jackpot.

It is very important to check the jackpot value and also the minimum online betting amount.

Apart from that, different progressive jackpot slot games will require players to strike for different winning combinations. Of course, some slot games are rewarding random.

As the Newtown slot is a luck-based game that the winning combination is set randomly by a Random Number Generator (RNG), no one knows what the correct answer is.

However, slot gamers still have a higher winning chance by some of the tips shared below.


1) Find a game with a high Return-to-Player (RTP) rate and a low wagering requirement

Since none of us can know what is the winning combination for us to hit a jackpot, it is good to look for a slot game that has the best RTP rate, or at least a better one.

In the Newtown game, most of the RTP is quite decent.

A game that can give you an RTP rate capped between 96%-98% will be a wonderful game to explore. This means, with every 100 rounds of striking, you will be able to get back 96-98 times of return.

Apart from that, check on the wagering requirement as well.

There are the basic winnings that a player needs to achieve to withdraw their winnings.

The lower the wagering requirement, the easier for the player to cash out their money.


Think Wisely When Play In Newtown Online Slot
Think Wisely When Play In Newtown Online Slot

2) Think wisely. You can only select either payout size or hit frequency

Players are not able to have both in slots gaming, they can only choose one as their aim.

If you are looking for a payout size, it is fair enough that it is more challenging to hit the winning combination.

Or, perhaps the game might just have a single winning combination, and others remain no value. Normally, this happens to a progressive jackpot game.

Some might look for a small winning, and with more winnings.

They will pick a non-progressive jackpot game that most of the time, there are various pre-set winning combinations for you to hit.

Remember, there is no win-win in this.


3) Utilize smartly bonus and free spins

Newtown game gives attractive bonuses, free spins and rewards to the new members or current players. This is to ensure the members enjoy and sustain their gaming journey.

For newbies, you can use the welcome bonus to start your slot gaming. With this, you are not required to put in a huge amount of deposits. This helps reduce the anxiety level of the new players and helps them to stay more sustained and engaged with the game by boosting the winning chances.

Take the opportunity to understand the game rules, payout table, bonus symbol and RTP rate. Observe the difference between each of the slot games and you can find one that you preferred the most.

Remember, practice makes perfect.

For seasoned players, bonuses will help in increasing the winning chance and cash-out chances without the need to put in more bettings. This means it makes the winning more meaningful as they can withdraw it out in a shorter period.


4) Stay firm. Do not ever chase after a progressive jackpot

Do not get overly excited when seeing the big number of progressive jackpots shown on-screen and think that you will definitely get a win. This happens frequently, especially for new players.

Stay firm and play with a consistent pace. Avoid chasing after a progressive jackpot after your winning or losing by increasing the online betting amount.

If this is not your lucky day, doing this might bring very huge negative consequences that lead to a bad impact in life that you would not want to have.

If the game does not bring you a good return, try to stop the gaming for a while and change to another game.


5) Set an affordable budget

It is always good to know well how much you can spend on gambling. Set an affordable budget within your capability.

This, will reduce the players’ anxiety level and reduce the fear of losing money, especially for newbies.

You have already set an idea of what is the maximum affordable. You will be able to face a big win if that is not a lucky day for you.

Doing this also helps you to be more rational in decision-making to avoid any unnecessary hassles.

Responsible gaming is very important to have a sustainable gaming experience.

6) Keep your bet low and maintain a stable bankroll

Do not put in a high bet and expect a high return. This would not work most of the time when you are in slot gaming.

Ignore the mental cravings to win big money and humbly put a low bet consistently.

Make sure you monitor your bankroll consciously and carefully. This will make your game period longer and more controllable.

Extension of the game period is very beneficial to slot gaming. By this, it will be able to help in increasing the chances to win.


7) Manage your emotion appropriately

This looks simple but trusts me, it is the most challenging thing that each gambling enthusiast should practice consciously.

It is understandable when things involved money, it will have a high impact on our feelings.

If the emotion is well managed, it will help the player to be more rational in thinking, more stable and firm in decision making.

It allows you to analyze and observe whatever situation that you are in and it reduces the betting risk over the gaming process.



Winning from slot gaming is definitely a stroke of random luck.

However, by following these winning tips and strategies, it is still able to boost your winning chances effectively.

Do ever start with real cash before you are confident and comfortable.

Slot gaming should be a fun and relaxing game that you can enjoy. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stop for a while, and continue again.

Now you are ready! Start your journey now and download the Newtown online slot apk!

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